So…I’ve been making a lot of soap!

It’s been a while, but I’m determined to blog once or twice a week this year. It might happen, it might not. But since I last blabbed here, much has happened!

But before I rehash all that, going forward this is a place for me to yap about the things I think are intriguing and might just interest you, too. All two of you who read my blog. Some days it might be a story. Some day, it may to be tempt you into purchasing one of the many amazing handmade soaps I make and sell on my website ¬†(*cough cough ¬†Maybe I’ll share some business stuff happening, and I even have some research and educational stuff about the things I make that might be of interest to you, too.

If you’re pleasantly surprised and like what you read, I welcome comments and shares as I build my little place on the big open innerwebz.

~ Karen

One thought on “So…I’ve been making a lot of soap!

  1. Glad you’re making great products! What’s blowing your skirts up, scent wise? Tried and true? New? A twist on an old favorite?


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