What’s In Your Soapmaking Pot Today?

I belonged to a soapmaking forum ages ago (well, I still do but rarely, if ever, visit any longer). One of my favorite threads was a weekly “What’s In Your Soap Pot” thread, where any and all would post what soaps they were making. It was so inspirational – I was in awe of those full-time soap makers who listed an endless list of fabulous soaps they were making. It would be weeks, if not months, before I’d make soap for my various few fairs and festivals I did back in those day. However, now that I do this as my full-time passionate gig…

Since January 1 I’ve made over 3,000 bars of soap prepping for my spring shows so far.

Those numbers even knock ME out! Happy day!

Today, I made another 700+! Today, in soapmaking history, I made batches of Sexy Woman, Sweet Cherry Blossom and Dazzleberry. I’ve still got some of the men’s line soaps to make (yes, I’ve created a men’s line called Handsome Devil Sundries!)

Not to mention the new booze-themed “On The Rocks” soaps made with salts!

Lots of stuff humming along. Have to prep and pack a bunch of soaps for wholesale orders in coming days…it’s all good.

And the house smells lovely, btw. 😉

~ Karen


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