Sorry I haven’t been consistent in my blogging the past couple of weeks. Was crazy leading up to the Made in New Hampshire Expo, and then we had news my Father-in-Law passed away. We had to make an unscheduled visit to Colorado to start sewing up his estate. What’s sad is we had planned on heading there at the beginning of May, so to have missed seeing him was heartbreaking for us. It’s been a wild 10 days since.

So what am I getting at? Friends, PLEASE communicate what your end of life plans are with your friends and family. We are left with a step mom who has alzheimers, and an estate that is in flux. If we knew where a will might be located, or ideas on what to do with the stunning log cabin home and various other properties, it would be so much easier. There’s no shame or embarrassment in telling people what you want. Believe me, it’s harder on family when we are playing amateur sleuths and rifling thru papers and more looking for the answers, and sadly, not finding them easily.

And plan on contingencies. There’s no way they planned on the step mom having alzheimers, and trying to obtain the authorizations to make sure she is getting the best care possible and stays safe and healthy is of utmost importance but exceptionally complicated.

I know this post isn’t really soap related, but I suspect many of you are like me…at an age where these things must be confronted and dealt with. I was so fortunate – my mom worked with an estate planning attorney for years before her passing. She articulated to each one of us her wishes, explained her thinking and upon her passing we dealt with grief, and not having to handle the stress of sorting thru this murky world. I had no idea how much work my brother absorbed as executor of her estate, but am ever thankful for his clearheaded and steadfast guidance through those turbulent months.

On a lighter note…it’s still our Anniversary month. And at the end of the month, we are heading to San Francisco for a few days of kicking back with friends. I think at this point, we need it. ❤

Gonna leave you with a pic of the view from the front yard of my father in law’s home.

~ Karen


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