A few decluttering ideas

I so admire people who are organized up front. What on earth do I mean? I mean people who take the time to get and stay organized. Who put stuff away in the “right places” all the time.

I am not one of you.

And maybe that’s why I struggle with finding some things. Why I am so absent-minded about stuff, and why my soap room looked like it was a bit of a disaster up until a few weeks ago.

See, I started taking my time decluttering after a major re-org. I’m tossing onesies-twosies of stuff I don’t need, selling stuff that is sell-able. Clothes are being donated. Outdated decor tossed or donated. And creating systems to make life easier when the inevitable fall holiday rush comes upon me and I’m doing 16-18 hour days just producing.

Here are a couple of things I’m finding works for me:  have designated spaces for stuff and do NOT put anything else in those spaces, as tempting and as clean of a surface as may be. (Now to work on adding more space for all the stuff I make…)

Label everything. It makes me feel guilty if I have 5 bins for lip balms and think I’ll use an empty one for the natural ingredients I use for coloring my soaps if it already says WATERMELON LIP BALMS. The tiny little OCD woman who lives inside me wouldn’t let that happen.

Take time every day to write to-do lists, even if it includes stuff I didn’t get to yesterday. Oh boy do I love lists. Lists lists LISTS! Nothing like the lovely scratch-out of an item completed. Or the motivation to do SOMETHING on the list so it’s not completely copied to the next day’s list.

What works for you, my friends? I’m open to suggestions. And I’m off to the dump in a little bit. I’ve decluttered my closets, most of my soap room and I’ve started decluttering my front porch (which is sort of a catch-all for old rugs, vacuums that don’t work, and for some odd reason lots of tops to 5 gallon buckets. Not to mention so many old planters I could host a victory garden out there.

Can anyone use a 90 gallon fishtank and stand for free? Yep, one of the glass panels is cracked, so it won’t work for water. But if you are looking for a fabulous tank for reptiles, it’d probably be fine holding water for turtles or frogs, or an amazing terrarium for lizards and things.  If you’re interested, hit me up!

~ Karen