More Getting to Know Me – Cat Edition!

Confession time. I am a crazy cat lady. And if not full-fledged, I am most definitely in the advanced stages of training.

We have a couple of working girls out in the barn, taking care of the little critters that like to try to come in during the cold months. They’re a semi-feral bonded mother-daughter team, and they are sloooooowly coming to realize we are pretty awesome pink monkeys (aka humans).

Inside the house is a mix of some of the hard-to-adopt kitties and handicats (kitties who have extra challenges). Over the years, we have had cats with kidney issues, diabetes, blindness, birth defects, three legs, bad cat-itudes, or just black cats that people think are evil (not our experience at all…our black cats are the goofiest andĀ funniest cats).

Most of our cats have come from Kitty Angels, a no-kill shelter in Tyngsboro, MA. Every bar of Kitty Angels Soap I sell generates a $2 donation to Kitty Angels. It’s a beautiful blend of Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils. Rosemary signifies remembrance, while peppermint is a part of the family that includes catnip. Made with fresh goatmilk, it’s gentle and fragrant.


IMG_4688 2
Say hello to Steve Austin – one of our new Kitty Angels, helping me master social media.