Ticked Off.

Who else is already a little more than freaked out about the insane amount of ticks out there this season? I was hoping that week of super frigid temps we had way back in January would mitigate the numbers, but it turns out that’s not precisely how it works.

Evidently, when the pilgrim came to New England, they cut back wide swaths of the forest, which housed the deer the ticks LURVE. As our forests grew back, the landscape changed dramatically – our forests were chopped up and bisected by roads and farms, and essentially became breeding grounds for the mousies (technical term…) that host the Lyme-disease carrying ticks. And our longer warm seasons in the fall and spring make our exposure to the tick season even longer.

So, the ticks are all over. What can you do? Try my Haywood J. Buzzoff Spray. Seriously. It’s a natural, DEET-free spritz I make that works on keeping black flies (!), ticks and mosquitoes away. I spritz everything with it – me, my clothes, lawn furniture, screens, everything. It works great on humans two and up (I am just not comfortable advocating using essential oils on littles!) ¬†Canines are fine with it. Felines are NOT. (I don’t advocate any essential oils for cats…they don’t metabolize essential oils well and while they may be perfectly fine, all of a sudden may not be. Not worth the risk to me).

The spray is natural – no DEET, no alcohol, no preservatives, nothin’ but aloe, witchhazel and a concoction of 13 different essential oils I came up with that work.
And what’s cool is it smells pretty good – it’s kind of an herbaceous lemon smell that DOESN’T stink!

Now, if I could stumble upon the right blend that keeps the stupid deer flies/horse flies away…

~ Karen


New Things…

It has been a weird winter with the warm temps, lack of snow, etc. Maybe that’s why the water heater decided to give up the ghost out of nowhere last week (that was fun). ¬†And then we had a 36-hour cold snap that bust not one, not Two, but THREE pipes. Three days without water in the house was crazy and I am ever so happy to have water again! Laundry and dishes are done!

Have been formulating some new(ish) products again in preparation for the big Made in NH Expo coming up at the end of April. It’s a huge show and one I kind of look at as a way to debut new scents and products. (If you have never been, it’s really amazing to learn about all the types of businesses in New Hampshire – it’ll be my fourth year there!)

So, what’s new?

Well, it’s more like tweaks to existing products. I now offer my Beard Oil in three scents – Bare Naked (unscented), Sandalwood and Bay Rum. All feature a lovely blend of oils that do a marvelous job of softening whiskers, and providing moisture to the skin. (Heck, I sometimes use it to add a bit of moisture to my damp hair – but a little goes a long way on fine hair like mine). They’re just $10 and I’m really pleased with the amazing feedback I’ve received.

beard oil

Another goodie I’ve been testing and am pleased with is a reformulation of my No-Funk Deodorant. Instead of a cream, I’m trying a spray with Magnesium, Aloe, and a blend of fume-fighting essential oils. Stay tuned for more details on that one!

Until then, stay clean!

~ Karen

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